Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Me Like To Read - Review: Mini Shopaholic

Writer's Block.

That's what has kept me from writing a review on a book that I finished over a week ago.

I want to say that I'm at a loss for words because everything in my life is so crazy that I can't find time to sit let alone write about a piece of nonfiction. But the reality is that I have nothing to say about this book because I was so absolutely bored by it.

Snagged from Miss Kinsella's website

In Mini Shopaholic, our heroine - Rebecca Brandon (nee' Bloomwood) is now 29. We've watched her pay off her debt, take on Manhattan, fall in love, find her lost sister, get married and have a baby. After all of that, I expect Becky to have learned something - ANYTHING - about how to handle her money but she hasn't.

I'll admit that this book feels like it was rushed for money. Becky exhibits no more discipline over her life than she did when she was still living in Suze's apartment. All the years that she's been with Luke and she still takes him for granted. I read in horror as she continued to spend like a sieve and get offended when challenged to wear everything she currently owned at least once before buying anything new.

It upset me that she exhibited no control over her child and instead made excuses about how she was simply "spirited" and "normal" and quite possibly a genius when really Minnie is just out of control. So much time is spent scheming on ways to convince Luke to have another child so that she can go and buy more things. I know it's just a book but I was still sickened by her insatiable materialism. Becky is clearly an addict... but no one in her life cares enough to tell her.

There's also the continued theme of lies and fabrications. Becky has told her parents that she, Luke and their daughter will be moving into their own home. Yes, the three of them (and aaaaallllllll of Becky's stuff) have taken up every nook and cranny in her parents home for the last two years and finally declares that they have found their own place. Except they haven't because the deal fell through. But instead of being honest, Becky insists on her fantasy that they can drive around in the moving truck and pull up to a magically available flat. She won't admit the truth of the situation because she's too busy pouting about how her parents are thrilled for her to be moving out instead of begging her to stay.

In the end, she is rescued from her foolishness by - here's the twist - people that love Luke. Everything works out in the end not because they can't stand to see her fail but because Luke deserves so much more. Even Rebecca stands in awe at the lengths that individuals go to see her husband happy. That message spoke to me and let's hope that when Becky embarks on her next journey she takes that message with her.

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