Thursday, November 26, 2009

This is what I mean

I received several invitations to other people's Thanksgiving dinners. Why? Because I'm absolutely pathetic, that's why. My father is states away (and I am certain that he wishes that I still weren't around - but I ruined that by hunting him down four years ago). My mother could never find "The One" and so there have been many. Which means that my siblings and I don't all have the same fathers. My youngest sisters, April and Rebecca, are with their father for this holiday. The sister immediately younger is still not speaking with me over a disagreement of sorts. Mom's Current Husband will work today because of his line of business. My brothers are scattered all over the globe because of their work in the service. And so, when my mother called to ask what I wanted for Thanksgiving dinner, I thought I was hallucinating because really, who would defrost, roast, and carve a turkey for two people? She would. She didn't want to be alone today and so I packed up my dog, three days worth of clothes, cancelled my training session, and drove here to be with her. But now... now I am alone. In her house. Because she forgot that I was coming over.

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