Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Haters Gonna Hate

Today, my friend and fellow saleswoman, CBS111 won. *pause for raucous applause* She blogged about it so you should go and check it out from her perspective even though I'm going to tell you about it here.

The best part is that she dusted the old bitty, Charlotte. I've written nary a negative word about her on here, but trust that she is a first class bitch. All the fat cats think the sun shines from her ass. They always ask, "How does she do it?". Well, she starts by stealing your shirts. Then, she'll undercut her field reps and take their orders. Follow it up with hyperbole about her sales and straight theft of a CSR's efforts and you too could be number one.

Two years ago, we had a 30 day contest to sell this one brand of parts. Simple task, really. Call and call and call and sell until you beat everyone else. They even throw in mini prizes like $10 for every 300 and a weekly $20 winner. Then finally when it's all said and done there's one big MEGA WINNER WINNER Winner winner. CBS111 won last time too even though the old bitty called foul.

See, I was put in the blessed position of being offered half, win or lose. I was already losing albeit not by much. But the prospect of a win-win caused me to take CBS111 up on her offer. I threw a couple orders her way and she we won!

That is until the ethical aspect of our winning was brought into question. Some people really have nothing better to do than re-open every order that was placed and match the "seller" to the territory. For two years we've put up with her pouty bullshit. Two years she's given us the silent treatment. Two years our victory has been tainted by her inability to get over herself and the cats refusal to accept that her shit does stink.

You can only put up with it for so long before you decide that they can all go someplace special *gives you knowing glance with eyebrow raise*

This year they ran the same spiff and extended it to 60 days. Only completely out of season thus making it twice as hard. Let me say that Charlotte knew that she would win. By week 4 she hit her stride and was dusting the rest of us regularly. Week after week she would lose the inevitable coin toss that would cost her the weekly prize. Daily she would announce how many parts she had keyed. Every afternoon, she and our boss would talk about how she was going to win. She would sneer at me and he would laugh. It still makes me angry.

I? Well, I gave up on winning. I just don't care as much as people think. I brought in a respectable amount of business, made a decent amount of money on the program and decided that I had other goals to focus on. CBS111 wasn't about to go out like that. He focus, her passion, and her desire to burn Charlotte caused her to come up from behind. And this time it was all of her own accord. 1500 is what she sold in 2 days to come from behind. 1500 is more than what she had sold in the 58 days previous. And you know what she got?

She got her prize tossed haphazardly onto her desk and her accomplishments unacknowledged.

Haters gonna hate. And that's why we move on to the next one. Which pays $20 a piece up in here! It's so on.

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  1. LOL, I'm too spent to think about the next one! Remind me of that when my competitiveness comes out towards the end of the contest, please.


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