Thursday, September 16, 2010

Thankful Thursday

Today, I want to go back to something that I lost several weeks back - Thankful Thursday.

Today, I am thankful...

  • for thoughtfulness - yesterday, I received a package of small gifts from a customer. Actually, it was from his daughter. The package was completely unexpected and I was so touched by the whole thing that I got misty-eyed and trembly-chinned.
  • for friends - mine are pretty awesome.
  • for dreams fulfilled - I'm inspired by all of the people around me who continue to persevere and strive for the things they really want. It keeps me on the right track.
  • for homemade breads and muffins - there's really nothing better than the satisfying taste of a home-made baked good.
  • for vegetarian cookbooks - I can feel the changes in my body already.
  • for long walks with the pup - she loves the quality time and it is bringing up closer.
  • for Michael's - sure they get approximately 20% of my net pay but I'd rather have this addiction than some other more dangerous ones.
Well, that's all for today. Wait until you see some of the stuff I'm making! And if you craft, check out the Barnat breast cancer yarns at Michael's, it's for a great cause.

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