Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Random Draw, Random Draw

J-Bird likes to play the numbers. It's another crazy thing that I picked up from my Grammy. She didn't always play; only when the mood struck. And usually she won. Sometimes, it would be $1 or $5. I remember once she hit triple digits and you would have thought we found black gold because there was dancing and singing and ice cream for everyone! Good times, indeed.

The point is: J-Bird likes to play the numbers. I do it once a week. Sometimes, it's just $1. When I'm feeling rich it's $5. And now, my mom has the fever. She's decided that she's going to play but with a strategy, of course. She grabbed a number picking paper and took it home so she could mull it over and really think about what she wants to play.

I'd be just as excited as she is if I hadn't had to explain the rules to her 5 times over the last week.

Anyhow, today she picked her numbers and sent them to me for approval. It must have been hard remembering all of our birthdays and laying them out in numerical order. And its even funnier that Plays 4 & 5 read : Random Draw. I love my mommy. And if she wins, y'all will know because I'll be posting from Fiji.

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