Sunday, February 13, 2011

The Beginning

Its day 1 on our journey to settle my grandmother's affairs. You'd never believe the amount of work that goes into settling another person's affairs.

There's life insurance, power of attorney, releasing the body, meeting with funeral directors, choosing between burial or cremation. And that's just the beginning.

We've taken phone calls from my great aunt accusing Mom of telling the doctors that they can only talk with her. There was the phone call from my aunt saying that my uncle (their brother) had already raided Grandma's apartment for the things that "he bought so he can take back" if he wants.

Now, we're finally packed. Mom and her hubby have hit the road. I'm still in the rental lot waiting on my car to be detailed. It smelled like marijuana when it was returned. I demanded that they correct that. The last thing I need is to have that smell emanating through the window during a routine traffic stop.

Nat, April, Rebecca and I will start our journey early tomorrow morning. I'm hoping to get most of the way there with everyone asleep so that I can focus on the road. I've never wished more fervently for something to be a dream.
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