Tuesday, October 26, 2010

So Glad To Be Back

I used to enjoy Sales Meetings but now they are just something else on the long list of things that I have  to do. I learned a lot. I wrote a lot. I avoided talking to the vendors a lot. And now I have a lot of stuff to do to catch up.

Why does my whole life feel like a waste of time right now?

In other, more exciting new. I got to spend all day Sunday with my nephew. Oh! By the way, Nat is getting married! I wrote an entire Chuck Norris joke post and then forgot to schedule it so you have that to look forward to. We went apple picking last weekend and are going again this weekend. My oven is 200 degrees hotter than advertised. My freezer is leaking into my refrigerator. And the dog and I are both gaining weight.

I am in the midst of another major financial setback and so my car will go without repair again. I don't hate money. I hate the thousands of dollars that I have wasted over the course of my life. This setback is just more waste.

More to the positive... I cut both boys loose. It was just too much stress. I won two sales awards when I wasn't expecting any and I don't have to be a bridesmaid. Look at this face! He's such a ham, but I guess that happens when your father is a photographer and you're the only grandchild.
Ashton, my nephew

That's it. That's all my randomness for now. As soon as I dig myself out of my extensive To-Do Lists, I will be back here posting regularly. Until then, I leave you with this quote from my boss:
" Your scheduled start time for Work is 8am. Clocking in before this time is not allowed unless approved by Your Manager... You need to clock in no earlier than 5 minutes before your scheduled start time."

Yay for Tuesdays!

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