Monday, October 18, 2010

This Is Why I Stay Afraid

As you may or may not know, I went to the dentist last week and had all four of my wisdom teeth removed... at once. I had been putting it off for years when finally my dentist told me that if I didn't manage to get around to it that I would be toothless. Quite the compelling argument if you ask me.

I budgeted appropriately for the surgery and fought my insurance company putting away $1800 through a federal, pre-tax, payroll deduction. Yay, me! Right? Except, the insurance company decided that they would foot the bill after all and the procedure only cost me $388. This would be great news if the money I put away weren't part of a "use-it-or-lose-it" program. So now, I'm pressed to find ways to spend the excess fund using the limited options the government has given me. I know. They suck.

All that aside, I had the surgery done and felt drooly. Then when the bleeding wouldn't stop, I felt panicky. That's where my good friend Vicodin came in handy. The next mid-morning when I woke up, I looked like this

And I was as angry as I was hurty. I mean, LOOK AT MY FACE! What's worse is that I couldn't work out for fear that I would begin to hemorrage all over my living room. I went back to work four days later and put in half a day. The pain was so much that I was ready to kick people in the shins. Not to mention the swelling was still so obvious.

When my follow up appointment came around, I was experiencing a nasty taste in my mouth that was brought on by the yellow ooze that seemed to be seeping down my jaw. (You think it's gross to read about? Try living it!) Anyways, the dentist says that it's "sinus drainage" and gave me some super antibiotic to clear it up. The situation is so dire that he wanted me to stop the other antibiotic and start the new one stat.

I'm on day 4 of the new antibiotic and I can still taste the ooze now and then. I was joking about it with my boss and told him that I still don't feel good enough to kiss anyone. That's when he reminded me...

Creepy NorthWest Vendor will be in town starting today. I haven't told you about Creepy NorthWest Vendor? Oh, well then I guess you'll have to stop in tomorrow, won't you?

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