Thursday, December 10, 2009

He Always Knows What To Say

I received a beautiful birthday card from my Daddy today. Its filled with all of the things that a father should say when a daughter needs to hear them most. I will share some of it with you.

Love yourself.
Make Peach with you are and where you are at this moment in time.

Listen to your heart.
If you can't hear what it's saying in this noisy world,
Make Time for yourself.
Enjoy your own company.
Let your mind wander among the stars.

Be happy.
When you don't have what you want, want what you have.
Make Do.
That's the well-kept secret of contentment.

Life isn't days and years.
It's what you do with time and with all the goodness and grace
that's inside you.

Make a Beautiful Life...
The kind of life you deserve.

I love you too, Daddy.

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