Monday, December 7, 2009

Most of Them Missed It

The big day - my birthday - has come and gone and this is how it went. I spent the day before wondering if anyone would remember. Some did and sent me wishes early. I was elated to not have been forgotten.

On the actual day, I got obligatory phone calls from family and a couple from friends, but it was the birthday visit that really made me smile. My bestie, Mrs. G, came over and spent some time with me. It was a blast and I was reminded of why I love her so much.

I'm on a few social networking sites. More for the networking aspect than the social one. But with as many "friends" as I have, I honestly was expecting some unsolicited wishes. Now, that may seem silly to you. It seems silly to me, but thus is life. I did get a few wishes. Five to be completely honest and only two, I feel, were heartfelt.

But the worst part is that my sister, Natalie, didn't extend a birthday wish. And neither did any of my going out friends. None of them. Not one. After seven years of knowing them and celebrating every party-worthy holiday under the sun, none of them felt the need to pick up the phone, tap out a text message or even post a message on my social pages.


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