Sunday, December 27, 2009

Words Were Not Enough

Today, my mother's husband decided that he was going to take his Lexus back. Yes, he bought her a Lexus and yes, they have been having trouble but it's not what he did, it's the way he went about it.

You have to understand that my mother and her husband live in seperate houses. Neither wanted to sell or rent out their house (even though it would have brought in a considerable amount of income) so they literally have two residences. He doesnt contribute to hers and best believe that she doesnt contribute to his.

This morning I was awoken with wailing, "[Me]! He took the car!". I immediately want to call the police because I have no idea what she's talking about. But apparently, he had the foresight to 1. Catch a ride (because he didn't leave another car in the Lexus' plae) and 2. Leave a note ([Mom], I have the Lexus., [Douchebag]. P.S.~ I shall call you later on. I'm going to Y.).

Did she call the police? No. Did she call him and give him what for? No. Instead, she sat and stewed, pouted, and seethed for 14 hours. Fourteen hours. It was quite ridiculous. Actually. This is quite ridiculous.

Because it's not over. He called my younger sister's cell phone and asked her to tell Mom that he wants to pick up his brother's things. Now, there are two crazy parts to this voice message. The first is that my sister, April, is eleven. God only knows why he would bring a child into their mess. Secondly, the message came seven hours after he had stolen her vehicle and left her without transportation.

Her message to him was that if he dared bring his "selfish, theiving ass" back onto her property she'd have him arrested. The kicker is that he's a cop but still her message was uncalled for. I can't tell you the snarky things I said to her because really, I kept it all to myself. The only thing I said to her is that she is not allowed to discuss any of this with or around April and Rebecca. You would think that I wouldnt have to set those boundaries for her but you'd be wrong.

All this on the day after Christmas. Coupled with NFL not calling for the last two days and words escape me.

Anyhow, Merry Christmas to all and I wish you all a good night.

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