Thursday, December 16, 2010

Giving Thanks and Such

Sometimes, when you think it's all ready to come to an end you have to go back to where it all began. Today I want to give thanks for:
  • six degrees of separation
  • friends who insist that you come out among the living simply because they need to be out among the living
  • having people who will celebrate the day of my birth again and again until I say stop
  • side hustles
  • pizza, beer, rum, and Wii
  • cash as presents
  • surprise flower deliveries.
Aaaaaaaaaaaand, Scene!


On Sunday, I was headed to my Mom's in the thick of our first real winter snow when I watched this minivan breeze off the ramp and lose control. The vehicle hit another vehicle in oncoming traffic and then went head on into the median. I didn't stop driving. I did call 911. I told my mom about it when I got to her house and we both shook our heads.Where could this person be headed to that they wouldn't risk missing a green light?

Tuesday night after cheer practice, April came home to tell me that one of the boys in her class was in an accident. The accident happened on Sunday. She wanted to know if I'd heard about it because it was by my house. The boy and his sister are fine; their mother died. I cried. I lament the fact that I these children are now homeless orphans. How often do we hear of tragedy and overlook it because it doesn't affect us directly? This incident humbled me again.

Yesterday, I received the most beautiful bouquet of flowers. I've never been one to put much stock in gifts but I loved the feeling of being remembered by someone! Anyone! I had almost forgotten what it feels like to get flowers. This brought all those bubbly feelings back to the surface.

I need you all to know that I did not stay true to my New Year's Resolutions to lose 50 pounds or work my MLM business. But I did manage to meet my MLM minimums every quarter without fail. Tips to all MLMers out there. Leaving catalogs in hair/nail salons, dentist offices, and spas really does work. Just be smarter than me and remember to update your business cards when you change your information. *gives wink*

Michael Vick wants a dog.


He says that it will help people see that he really is a good guy. Now. I love Michael Vick. And I was all about letting him back in the NFL. I was serious when I said that dogs are not people and that there are rapists, drug users, and wife beaters among the ranks of the overpaid. But there is no way in hell I condone giving him another dog. That's like letting a pedophile run an at-home daycare.

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  1. I think the pedophile-Vick comparison is accurate.


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