Tuesday, January 5, 2010


Last year was all about my finances. Making more money while pinching pennies to pay down your college indiscretions is hard work. It will also stress you out to the brink of no return and cause you to make some (sometimes very) bad decisions. Although I didn't reach my goal of being completely debt free I did manage to get extremely close and will be debt free by April 2010. My credit? Well, that still needs some time to recover.

This year, I have decided that I am going to work on Physical Me. Or at least the Me on paper. You know? Dating Profile Me? That needs some work. Because men can't see that you have paid off all your student loans. They don't notice that there's only one credit card in your wallet and it has no account balance. It's not obvious to them that you learned to knit and became disarmingly familiar with $1 movie rentals so that you could one day wake up and owe nothing to everyone. Instead, men have a tendency to look at your ass as you walk by, and mine has been widening steadily.

So, here are my resolutions in order of importance to me.

1. Lose 50 pounds ~ roughly 1 lb a week. Which is more than reasonable and can be done with sufficient strength training.

2. Save $300+ a month (starting April 2010). I'm already living without it as I'm pouring all of my income into debt reduction. And really $300 is less than half of what I'm putting into my debts, so really... this is no thing.

3. Find a new, better bank. This will involve research on my part. But it's necessary because I'm getting the shaft by my current bank. I enrolled through work and I'm getting no perks. None. Not to mention they were bought out in last years fiscal crisis, so basically, I'm getting it royally with no vaseline.

4. Budget wisely (and follow) in an effort to live better and prepare for the future. The biggest mistake I made this year was not thinking and planning before I leapt into my debt reduction program. I did not save or leave any room for error. Thankfully, I haven't had any 911s (yet).

5. Become more crafty. Yes, I'm already a young June Cleaver. Go ahead. Mock me. I find peace in crafts. Not to mention that people love hand-made gifts. One of the girls at work had her miracle baby and I made her a birth announcement. For me, it was solace. For her, it was... More. I can't even explain the light in her eyes but it made me feel good. So, I want to do more of that this year.

6. Join a church and begin giving again. This is another selfish one. A) It will get Grammy off my back. B) It will allow me to meet more people and network. C) I will feel like I belong somewhere again. D) Mr. Right may actually be there (I've already looked everywhere else).

7. Open myself up to receive love. Let's just say that I was "cautiously optimistic" in 2009.

8. Look for a more fulfilling career. I feel like I am at a stand still at my current place of employment and I can't stop wondering if there is more out there.

9. Buy new furniture. I still have my 13" tv from college and a hand-me-down bed that even the dogs can't get a good night's sleep on. It's time.

10. Go on at least one real vacation out of this state.

11. Get my car working properly. (Maybe I should move this one up?)

12. Work my MLM business.

There you have it! My goals for 2010. I'll keep you posted on how this all works out.

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