Monday, January 11, 2010

Where Has the Time Gone?

We are less than two weeks into the new year and I'm not making much progress on my resolutions. Firstly, I can't begin to tell you if I'm losing weight because I have yet to go and purchase a scale. And it's been so long since I've been to the gym that I'm afraid to show my face because the last thing I said to my trainer was, "It's winter. Who cares if I get fat? No one can see it". But I know he'll see it. I SEE IT! I can't fit into my jeans. My $100 jeans!! Dios Mio! What have I become?

On the bank front, I have begun some research. And let me just say that banks, as a whole, suck major butt. It's like none of them are any good anymore. And credit unions are ass hats too. They want to be major players (and charge like they are) but they don't have half the perks of the big boys. So, I've got it narrowed down from the hundreds of options out there to like... 6. 6! Sigh...

Travel is looking up. I've decided that my trip will be to visit both my Grandmothers. They live in the same city, less than 15 miles from each other. I just can't stand Grandma S. She's so mean. But with my bro as a buffer, I should be fine. And I want to visit Ethan in Oki. But we'll see on that. I don't think my pockets are deep enough for that.

On the craftiness front, I am ahead of the game. I'm working on this winter wolf cross stitch that is going to be bad ass when I'm finished. Someone offered me $5 for it. I told her to save her breath. The materials cost $15 and I'll have major hours in it. And I bought a calligraphy kit.

I wanted to go to church yesterday but I was sick. I still am sick. But that's still a priority and I'm hoping to make it to a mid-week service of some sort. I'll keep you updated.

Love? NFL is gone. He lied. We didn't spend NYE together. I yelled. He hasn't called since. 'Nuf said.

To revisit the idea of having a theme day. I will make mine on Wednesday and it will be my day to weigh in. I have decided to keep track of my progress on this blog. Only God can help us now.

Well, TTFN.

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