Sunday, May 2, 2010

Sometimes, I Wonder...

  • if I'll ever be the kind of woman that men write songs about

  • if I'll find my place in this world

  • whether bankruptcy is my best option

  • when I'll be properly motivated to lose this weight

  • if I can reclaim my inner flirt

  • what it will take to snag Mr. Right For Me

  • when I will get to start my family

  • if Atlanta is a new opportunity or me just running away

  • how many books I can really read at once without getting them all jumbled up in my head

  • why my Mom is always right

  • can I really have a child just like me, 'cause that would be all bad

  • if my life will ever be more than mediocre

  • why I love shoes SO MUCH and clothes only this much

  • where I can get cute dresses that would totally flatter my killer legs

  • when my income will match my tastes

  • why everyone isn't as fashion concious as my family

  • why he still makes me blush

  • why his touch can make my heart melt

  • if he'll ever get his act right so that I can break this celibacy

  • if I'm completely insane for going 7 months without nookie

  • what it will take to get nookie off the brain

  • why my mom's dog is licking the laptop

  • if telling on Ethan was the right thing to do

  • how Ethan's going to get back at me for getting him in trouble

  • how the hell does Twitter work

  • why don't carrots taste like cake? I'd definitely eat more of them if they tasted like cake

  • if I'm the only person in America that's had the same cell phone number for 8 years

  • when I'm going to get to use my fancy phone that I bought on Black Friday

  • why I procrastinate over nothing

  • if I can swing an awesome gift for my Mom AND get myself two new pairs of shoes
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