Thursday, May 20, 2010

Thankful Thursday

I've been MIA on the blogging front lately and that's because I've been living life so much that I have yet to take the time to really process it all. This past weekend was insane. Saturday alone, I visited with 4 different friends. Between working my business and putting in massive amounts of quality time, the only other thing I can think to do is sleep. That doesn't mean that I don't have TONS of stories to share; it means that I haven't had time to put them all on paper.

With all that being said, I want to make sure that it doesn't come off as griping. I'm not griping. I guess the only thing I have to be sad about is that I don't keep in touch with people better. Now, that I'm reconnecting with all of my friends, I wish that we had stayed closer all this time.

And above all else, I feel truly thankful this week for everything. So many great memories are being formed and so much fun stuff is happening that it's making me wonder if this city is where I really belong after all.

All that aside, this week, I found myself being thankful for:

  1. sunny days - I always took them for granted until we only had 4 of them in May

  2. rain - it makes for warm food and good conversation

  3. $10 pizzas - I don't care who you are, that's a good deal

  4. bad decisions - they make for great stories

  5. the teenagers that serve my popcorn at the movie theatre - our local theatre just went completely self-serve but the prices are still outrageously absurd. I wondered aloud why I had to pour my own Slushee and then pay $5 for the privilege

  6. people that talk with their hands - I will never think of mac 'n' cheese the same way again

  7. football movies

  8. "It's raining nuts!" - Dora the Explorer -- BAHAHAHAHAHAA!

  9. gas points - they equal cheap gas which equals more travel which equals more fun times

  10. Brinner - it's breakfast for dinner

  11. having more than one mom - I felt like the Kleenex commercial. I was sick last night and when I got tired of one mom I just sat with another. It was the ultimate cure.

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    B. You really need to watch more children's television. It's a rolling double-entendre.

    C. Yay for friendships. Spending time with friends is so, so good for the soul.


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