Friday, May 7, 2010

It's The Hardest Thing I'll Ever Have To Do

No, not look him in the eye and tell him I don't love him. {B^)

Rather, its to keep my mouth shut. It's absolutely killing me. Because what I really want to do is tell him outright that he should see me trying and appreciate it, god dammit. But instead, I have decided to let the whole thing go. I made a list of pros and cons and let me tell you... cons, hands down.


  • Attractive (Very)

  • Dedicated to his plan

  • Great Physique

  • Focused on his business

  • Driven

  • Calm

  • Fun and playful


  • Attractive - I'm a very jealous person

  • Plans without goals

  • Ideas without a clear vision

  • Atlanta - as in, he's not going with (worth 5 points)

  • Less than 4 months 'til departure for Atlanta (worth another 5 points)

  • Still lives at home without definitive plan to move out

  • Fluctuating employment

  • No desire to step into adulthood

  • Refusal to be responsible for self

  • Instability

  • Not focused on building a relationship

  • We broke up for a reason

That's just some of the stuff I wrote down. The lists went on for pages and included some raunchy stuff like, Pro - Grrrrrreat in bed and Pro - Huge cock, but since my mom reads this page I thought that'd be inappropriate to post.

And just one more. Con - I want this off my fucking brain already! The only way to do that is to trash the wrapper.


  1. Way to leave out the raunchy!

  2. You can find those pros in other people. If there were some more unusual pros, it might balance the scales a bit.
    Good luck!

  3. @CBS111 - You know how I roll.

    @Sarah P - He has my mom as an ally. Period.


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