Monday, November 8, 2010

Day 8: A Photo That Makes Me Sad or Angry

Imagine this:

You're out in the middle of a field. You have no idea where you are or why you've been brought here. Inside, you're hoping praying that someone will find you and save you. Even though you have no idea what's about to happen, you can feel in your soul that it's not right.

The car door swings open and you are pulled from inside. All around you is black. You think to yourself how fitting the night is. Evil always hides under cover of darkness.

Someone is holding you by the back of your neck. You struggle but you can't get away. And then, they do it. They slide the noose over your head and dangle you for all to see.

This is a description of a picture so horrendous, so disturbing that I refuse to put it on my blog. But please believe that this picture does exist. It is of two teenage boys of non-caucasian decent, flipping off the camera while dangling a small Japanese Shin from a noose. There was a campaign to find them and bring them to justice. Unfortunately, I can't tell you if that ever happened.

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