Sunday, August 22, 2010

Beginning to Pack

Today is bittersweet.

As you can see, I am finally beginning to pack to make the transition to a new apartment. P.S. - my dog is going with me! I found a quaint little place on the other side of town that is more than affordable.

Finding this apartment was the hardest thing I've done all month. Anytime I went to look at a place here in this city, I wanted to kick Palmer in the balls. That bastard ass son of a bitch. Whew! Glad I finally got that out.

Here are the details of my new place. It's single story which means no more schlepping 22 bags of groceries up 14 stairs. I get my own patio for maxing, relaxing, and summertime drinking. I get attic storage for all the stuff I'm going to start buying to decorate the way I like. It has built-in bookshelves so I can postpone buying a new entertainment center. And its the 1st place in 6 years to not have a dishwasher. (I'm still trying to be ok with that.)

Of course, I will bring you pics of the new place. I'm too excited not to.

I've used half of my boxes and I haven't started the kitchen, bathrooms, or bedroom. I'm thinking that I'll just cart the clothes over loose. And now that all my DVDs are boxed, there's absolutely nothing to watch on T.V.

I know that living in this new place will make my life easier. And Sag girls like things easy because we don't handle stress, details, boredom, or intense commitment well. Living paycheck to paycheck brings all four of these nightmares at once; making us seriously angry bitches.

So three cheers for my friends who have put up with me being less than my fun-loving, uber-entertaining, go-getting Sag self. I know you miss me and my fiasco-filled stories. Now that my emotional load has been lightened and my purse strings untightened, I can bring you so much excitement.

T minus 13 days!
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