Thursday, August 19, 2010

Cedar Point

Yesterday, I took a mental vacation... to Cedar Point! Whoot! (insert photo of entrance gate that I forgot to take).

The day started off simple enough. We were running late. Me by just 12 minutes but when you're wrangling three kids, 12 minutes easily turns into 86 and thus we hit the road when theoretically we should have been half way there. A quick breakfast stop at Burger King resulted in Mom offending the cashier,

Uppity Mom voice: "What township are we in?"
Cashier: "You're in the city of B-ville."

3 little people taking four days to try to pee, 2 cups of coffee for Mom (one with a gnat on the inside of the lid), and more hashbrowns than a 5-lb bag of potatoes could make.

Once on the road again, the boredom set in for the Three Musketeers:

Ms. Gotoh


But we made it there without incident; you can't ask for more than that.

At first, there would be no riding of anything that contained:

  1. heights
  2. upside-down
  3. loop-dee-loops
  4. or dangling feet

I was exhausted with urging them to get on something so I ran to the Wicked Twister and boy was it worth it! After seeing me have so much fun (and nearly lose my weave) they decided to try the Troika. From there they were hooked.

By the time the sun began to set, Mom and I were simply there to hold their stuff while they rode everything they were tall enough to get on. We had to impose a rule that they could only get on each ride three times before we would move on to something new. It was fun to watch them grow in courage. Because when I tried to convince them to get on this

I was rebuffed with how "babyish" that ride was. It only goes 2 miles an hour, for goodness sake!

To end the day, we all had these Big Ol' Sno Cones

(Mom will kill me for posting this, but it's too funny not to!)

and mine ended up in a cup.

All in all, I wouldn't have traded yesterday for all the money in the world.

My advice to all of you thrill seekers:

Saturdays are for suckers; Wednesday is where its at!

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  1. I am so wickedly jealous! I'm glad you had a great time.


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