Friday, February 19, 2010

Fiesty Friday

Warning: Today's Post is erratic in style and topics.
Firstly (and of the utmost importance), today is Rebecca's 9th Birthday! Yaaaayyy!!! This little booger was already counting her birthday text messages at 8:30 this morning. Happy Birthday, Girlie -- here's to you!

Next, I just need everyone to know that I spent an hour last night looking for VitaTops. Why? Because I'm convinced that they are the answer to my snacky prayers. I want, want, want with a burning passion. I want so much that I almost ordered them online before they told me how much shipping would be. I don't want $8 in shipping. So, I'll be scouring the stores again tonight. Only this time, I'll be looking in the organic foods freezer section (like I should have last night).
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My boss has been extra special. It's as though nobody on the sales team can do anything right. He's just been a down right ass. Hence the picture below.
Yesterday, I wrote an ode to eHarmony entitled "What the Hell - a Poem" because I couldn't get over how horrible some of the matches were that they sent me. But I put it in a helium-filled balloon and let it go. Mrs. G got me straightened out and I messaged two really great guys. *fingers crossed*

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