Wednesday, February 24, 2010

I Love Family

Ethan still hasn't gotten his orders but he's pretty sure that he'll be here by March 6th because he has to report back to base by Aprill 11th. Which would be a fair assessment if we weren't talking about the U.S. Military. So, with all that said, it is cause for celebration. I haven't seen Ethan in approximately 2 years. Maybe three. And I miss him terribly. Out of all my siblings he's my favorite. Like, Natalie is my best friend out of them all but Ethan is just like me! Except he's 6'4" and doesn't have boobs.

Because he's making the trip across many oceans to spend weeks with us all, my dad is actually going to, get this, come here! To the Midwest! For a week!

I could be super jealous and petty and talk about how I've lived in the Midwest for 10 years and the one time my Dad came to this state he visited with me for about 45 minutes. But I won't because I'm older now and I don't hold grudges from 2006. And it seems as though Ethan might have let it slip (or told Dad straight out) that I was bummed about that visit and so I don't have to do the traveling this time. Ahhhh! Sometimes life is too sweet.

The big thing (and quite possibly the most important) is that 7 out of 8 children will be in the same place at the same time. This hasn't happened since... well... never. By the time Rebecca came around Andrew was already gone. We don't even get this kind of turn out at Christmas. Mom will be thrilled! If only because I'll be super happy for a month or more.

So peeps, that's where we're at. I'm ultra ecstatic and have all these wonderful things planned for the week I just took off. Granted, I'm kinda broke right now but who doesn't like a home-cooked meal and sleepovers on an air mattress?

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