Tuesday, February 2, 2010

WiNter and other things...

Today, when I woke up, there was 2" of snow on my car. So... I didn't exactly need a groundhog to tell me that winter wasn't over.

And last night was the first night I did P90X. Now, most people don't know this but they offer 3 different ways to accomplish the program. I chose the least aggressive: the lean option. It's more cardio than strength training and will give me the lean flexibility that I miss so much. So, about the 1st workout. It was tough. I only got through 40 minutes of Core Synergistics. I will tell you this: it hurt. A lot. My.body.hurts. My abs, back and inner thighs are all aching like they've never been worked out before. I feel completely ridiculous. Soooooo, I'm thinking that P90X is going to take me 120 days before I can do all of the workouts out all the way through with complete energy.

Finally, last and certainly not least. Happy 3?th Birthday to "28"!!! Horray for you!

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