Monday, February 15, 2010

I Won!!! And so, I'll share my story.

Almost a month ago The Badass Geek held a contest in which I did not participate. It's not that I didn't want to, it's just because secrets are secrets for a reason.

However, there were only four entries in a contest with ten prizes! That means that fraidy cats like me got an opportunity to win something totally awesome without having to divulge our most embarrassing moment. And guess what? I won! Pretty soon, I will be the proud owner (and wearer) of one of these sweet little diddies. I mean, who doesn't love The Godfather?

courtesy of The Badass Geek
Now, I believe in fairness and it's just not right that I got something for nothing. So here goes... a mildly embarrassing story.
I was in Clearwater, Florida for my 21st birthday. With me were my sister and my two friends, Kim and Kimmie. Now, we're from the mid-west and even though we live in a metro area, this is still a small town.
Knowing that we were miiiiiiiles away from anyone we knew only fueled the fire we had burning. We were gonna hit this town hard. We picked the Sherpherd's Resort - right on the beach with a club right downstairs! Their club is the local hot spot on Friday nights. We had hit the freaking motherload!
All hotel guests get wrist bands to get into the club for free and because it was my birthday, we got cheap drinks. And when you're in Florida on vacation there are no limits. Which is why we entered the wet t-shirt contest.
There I am, standing on stage in all my white t-shirt, braless glory, drenched in nasty bar water, when I see my boss lurking in the shadows. Apparently, all mid-westerners have a desire to get out of the cold and flock towards the Sunshine State in mid-December.
The odds that you end up on vacation in the same state as your boss can't be more than one in twelve million. So, the same bar? Really? Only me...

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