Friday, February 5, 2010

Let It Snow (Boyz II Men style)

Outside, it's cooooold.
But the fire is blazing,
So, Baby, let it snow...

Yup, you guessed it. It's snowing outside. Like, big, wet, sexy flakes. There's like 6" out there already and it's only been going since 8 - 830. That ends up being something crazy like an inch an hour. But I love it. I love how pretty it is and how it makes everything seem so pure. I love that it gives me a reason to curl up in a blanket and sit in front of a fire. I love that I can go and play in it and build a talk snowman.

It's funny because, in my mind, snow would be perfect if it weren't accompanied by cold and crazy drivers. I swear. As often as the weather changes around here, you would think that the drivers would be prepared for all situations... but you'd be wrong.
Luckily, I live a stone's throw from work and can walk if it really gets down to it. But let's not think of that. Right now, I'm picturing the view from my front window. The one that overlooks the lake and the trees of the nature reserve.
I can't wait to go home...

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