Tuesday, February 16, 2010

It's All in How You Wake Up

Most days, I look like this:

But today, I had a relatively good start. I've gone back to my summertime schedule where I go to bed around 10pm. I find that this is more conducive to my horrible sleep cycle.

Every night, I wake up at least 3 times throughout the course of the evening. Sometimes, it's because the dream I'm having is that menacing. Sometimes, it's because my body hurts (I have a terrible mattress and really should get another). But usually, it's because the dogs are: pinning me down in the covers, lying on a part of me that is now numb, or have burped or farted in my air space. These things inspire me to wake up in a tizzy and command them off the bed and on to the floor where they belong.

Last night, however, I slept all the way through. I'd like to attribute it to the new lavender scented eye mask I found. Apparently, my mom gifted it to me for Christmas... 2008.

Yup, that's right. I've had this wonder for over a year and am just now getting around to using it. I guess it's officially safe to tell you that my room is a cyclone. The rest of the house is clean but my space is just mine. And while I can never find the one thing I'm looking for, straightening it all up is a task I'm not trying to take on right now.

Unless, of course, I step on another squeaky toy. I still won't clean, I'll just shut the dogs out at night.

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