Monday, February 8, 2010

I would rather...

Things I would rather happen than deal with my mother's current husband:

* have a llama spit on my food
* put my foot through a chipper/shredder
* eat Peruvian insects of any variety
* be on an episode of "For the Love of Ray J"
* get back together with the guy I dated from New Guinea

Because after all of the drama he caused at Christmas, you know, by stealing her car, putting
April and Rebecca's gifts in the mailbox, etc., he had the audacity to show up at her house for the Super Bowl.

In all fairness, she invited him. And here's why. They talked and he apologized. To her. But not to me or my sisters or my grandma or everyone else who was brought into their unwieldy mess over the holidays because he's a selfish jackass.

So, yes, as far as I'm concerned he can go to hell. He came into the family room trying to strike up conversation like we'd have anything even mildly constructive or positive to say to him. I was so disgusted that I up and left the room. Being in his presence was too much for me to handle.

Do I feel as though I'm being childish? Not at all. He disrespected the whole family and chose the one holiday of the year that should be celebrated with joy and good will and decided to ruin it by acting like a prick.

And it hasn't escaped me that he only wanted to talk to reconcile their relationship after my mom got her job offer. Just like he waited to propose until she closed on her own house.

Ass hat.

I'm still so angry.

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