Sunday, February 21, 2010

What Now?

Mmmmkaaayyy. Today, I received my first email from my very first eHarmony match. He lives just one town away and although he doesn't seem like the kind of guy I always dreamed of being with, I have to be realistic. I'm not the kind of girl I'd always dreamed of being. I mean, I am supposed to be Grace Kelly. And right now? Right now, I'm more like Kelly Osborne. So, yeah, I've got some work to do.

Plus, I think I'm going to give him a chance. He seems very sweet and has a few of the same goals that I do. And eHarmony prides themselves on matching people based on "29 different levels". So now the real question is: When should we meet face-to-face?

I'm actually really anxious about it because up until now, he was just some guy that couldn't get to me. He can't hurt me, judge me, or dislike me from cyberspace. Do I want to let him in? What if he doesn't like me for me? What the hell am I freaking out about? Why do I care what he thinks of me? Am I that fragile? What if it works out and I have to choose between him and Atlanta?!?

This is already exhausting and we haven't even met yet. *heavy sigh* I'm going to eat my little chicken pizza and drink my blueberry Izze while I stress about this in private.

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