Tuesday, February 16, 2010

What To Do?

I got a proposition today from someone I've known for awhile. He asked if I would consider moving to Atlanta. If you're familiar with the history behind 28 and myself then you would think that this really isn't the best of ideas. Except, I have laid out very carefully that we will not be playing house and that our relationship will be that of roommates.

But still, I'm scared. This would be a huge move. I've never left one job without having another. And I've never lived far from everyone I know. I mean, I will be in a city and the only person that I'm going to know is 28. Yikes!!

And even though there is still a lot to hash out like personal space, guest policy, food, chores, quiet time, duration of my stay, notice to vacate and more, I'm leaning d a n g e r o u s l y close to saying yes. But when I told 28 that I wanted to talk about all of these things, he seemed put off. Like he hadn't actually thought about it. But I've been there before where things weren't properly discussed and it resulted in Natalie's "Christmas weekend" turning into 4 months on my couch rent free and then my "roommate" for another two years. And I don't want there to be any misunderstandings.

My biggest concern right now is employment. I'm feeling majorly oppressed at my current job and that's a major factor for why I'm even entertaining the possibility of moving. But honestly, this place has served its purpose in my life and we are waaaaaaaay out of its season.

I still have a lot to think about. I will post the pros and cons in a day or two when I've had time to reflect on them all. Until then, My Lovlies.

P.S. - Dad is not thrilled about the idea in the least but he is still being painfully supportive. He and I have a phone call scheduled for tonight. I'll clue you in on that too.

P.P.S. - Yes, we schedule phone calls in my family. My dad's a nurse for crying out loud! =)

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