Sunday, February 28, 2010

Frankie Says...

So, I got some baaaaddd news on Friday night. Ethan is on international hold. I couldn't properly express my anger because he was screaming and crying and cursing an entire nation of people.

You see, there was a period about 6 months ago where I didn't hear from my brother for weeks. And that was beause he was in a car accident. He was ok and so was everyone else but these people are determined to drag it on.

It began a month after the accident, after his insurance (because we're from The States where you must have insurance for everything) had already taken care of Car 1 and Car 2 to the extent that he was responsible. But in the country where he's stationed, you are not required to have car insurance. Hell, you're not required to have everyone in their own seat. People hold kids in their laps like their dolls. I've seen childrens heads hanging out the driver's window. It's ridiculous.

Anyhow, Car 1 doesn't have the means to pay Car 2 for the part of the damage that the gov't has decided they are responsible for. Car 1 tried taking Ethan to Civil court and lost. Then they requested restitution but lost again. Now, they have put him on International Hold because he won't submit his salary information as they are making an effort to sue him again.

Please know that this is only happening because he's not a Local. I've never hated a nation any more than I do right now.

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