Tuesday, February 9, 2010

One Thing Affects ALL the Others

This has been one of my shittiest weeks on record by far. And I've started this post differently everyday this week because I was going to fill it with more bitching about: Monday - my life, Tuesday - my boss, and Wednesday - my job.

But today is different. Because this morning, I gathered the courage to do what I should have done yesterday... I weighed myself. And you know what? I'm down 1.2 pounds. That's MORE than a WHOLE POUND after weeks of a whole lotta nothing.

And the only thing I did differently was get off my fat ass and sweat for around 40 minutes a day.

When I got to work this morning, I did what I always do: log in to blogger and check on my weight loss idols. The one that caught my eye first was Jack Sh*t and today's post "Why Not?".

It moved me in a way that paying $1300 for a trainer, $70 for new sneakers, and countless dollars on various at-home-fitness-programs never have. It made me reflect on why I haven't just done it already. And it caused me to confront my fear of failure.

So, I'm hoping that my early morning epiphany will give me the strength to propel forward just one more day, one more week so that I can lose one more pound. And with a little luck, I might lose these last 70 pounds after all.

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