Thursday, April 22, 2010

Do It For The Children - A Different Kind of Thankful Thursday

Today is Thursday but it is also Earth Day (whoot!) and so I'm gonna shake it up a bit. Are you ready? Here it goes...

  • warm spring breezes
  • cartwheels done in the grass
  • sun-kissed skin
  • the way my toes feel in the sand
  • the sound of birds singing in the morning
  • children playing outside
  • leaves on trees
  • swimming in the ocean

It's time for us to take bigger steps towards sustainability. Most of my favorite things will go away if we don't take care of Mother Earth. Can you imagine a world where you'd have to take your child to the zoo to see a squirrel or a raccoon? No? Well, it could happen.

A quick and easy way to help the cause is to click here. It will take you to a page where all you have to do is click. One click and they will plant a tree in your honor. Now, how's that for easy?

(Pictures courtesy of - National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration)


  1. I've been green for a long time, but I just spent the better portion of Earth Day in Washington, D.C., taking my 3-year-olds to museums. There were a lot of assholes there between the ages of 12 and 15. A lot. So, I've decided I'd like to start polluting. I don't think I want the Earth to be here for them.

  2. @Sarah P: Hahaha! We could always build cages for them. Kind of like 1940s ghettos but not racially motivated. More like a "scared straight" ghetto for the Future Assholes of America.


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