Thursday, April 8, 2010

A Play On Words

I just got off the phone with my father and I'm seething!

Apparently, he miscommunicated the reason for him moving out of the apartment he shares with Autumn (his "girlfriend" of over a decade that he's ALWAYS chosen over me and my brothers even though she's broken off their engagement no less than three times!!!). It seems as though when he said, "I'm moving out but I haven't told her yet" and "I can't take those kids anymore" and "Autumn doesn't know that I'm leaving" I took it to mean that he was leaving her or their relationship. But what he tells me today is that what he meant is the lease is up on the apartment they share.

How the fuck is that the same?!?

When I have to move because my lease is up, I say shit like, "I'm looking for a new place because my lease is up".

And Ethan? Well, he's here. In the city in which I live. But no one saw fit to tell me so that I could see him or at least say goodbye before he took off for Asia. It will be TWO YEARS at least before I see him again. But does that matter? Ooooooooobviously, it only matters to me.

And you know why they say they didn't tell me? Because of F. I can't stand that bitch and it's not a secret. But I dont see how she gets to dictate whether or not I am permitted to see my brother when he's 15 miles away and has been for two days.

I am in that place where I could give a bunny the hammerfist.

But you know my dad is so giving. He said that I sounded really upset so he's just gonna call me tomorrow to see if I'm feeling better.

Oh, I'll feel better tomorrow... if I get to punch his face tonight.

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