Monday, April 19, 2010

I Won Again! And So I'll Share Another Story

You all know that I'm crazy, right? Hope I didn't catch you off guard with that revelation. But I'm also humble. Last Fiscal Year when I was given one award, I went up, shook hands and took a photo. When they announced my second award, I bee-bopped my ass up there and shouted, "I'M DANGEROUS!"

This year has been a rough year, not just for the industry but for me personally. Every time I turn around, I've got them listing off the categories in which I suck. It has taken a toll on my work ethic (and there's a post coming on work ethics. I know. Hot stuff, right?) and general ability to function. That and the fact that they give consistent praise to this Old Bird that cheats and underperforms.

So when they put up the Year-To-Date numbers, CBS111 and I started sending text-fives. Everywhere you looked we were one and two. Two and one. Kicking ass. No time for names. The Old Bird can suck it!

I was so kick ass during Q2 and my manager didn't even notice. Everyone thought I'd fallen to the OB. But not Vendor1. She dug around in her box of treats and found me a jacket.


"Why don't you come and sit next to a winner" - Me

I look so pimp in my wind breaker. I probably should have put it on and zipped it up tight to catch the risotto I dropped in my boobs at dinner and then had to dig out while at the table. It was hot!

It's hard being this classy.

1 comment:

  1. DOOOOOD. Congratulations!

    I totes understand how awesome those things are.

    Seriously. I won't let just anyone drink out of my "Excellence" mug I won for excellence at work.

    We need windbreaker pics, for sure.


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