Monday, April 12, 2010

Everybody's Working for the Weekend!

I can't explain why my post titles have become pop culture references but I think we should all just go with it for now. :-)

My weekend was packed full of goodness. It started off with me doing some serious work on Mom’s Granny Blanket. It’s turning out to be very pretty if not a little wonky-shaped. She’s a mom; she’ll love it regardless.

I chatted with my cousin talking about my dating preferences and Noodle. Of everyone on that side of the family, Theo is the only one that seems to accept me. He overrules Ethan’s accusation that my dating preferences are prejudices. He also told me that one of their late-night, girl-type, yammer sessions was about me. What is that?!? Anywhoozers, Noodle got her first bike and is now calling herself NaNa. No one knows where it came from, that’s just who she is now. And she’s adorable. This kid makes me want babies tomorrow. Like I would buy one if it was just as cute and sweet and loving as she is.

Oh! I also managed to get all of my bills paid. I am within breathing distance of having them all caught up. I know, I know. Making late payments is not the right thing to do when you’re on the path to cancelling your debts but I didn’t have much of a choice. I lost a roommate during the worst time in my industry. So my expenses doubled right when my commission checks were halved. Partial payments were a means of survival, so you can just stop with the stank face.

Sometime in the early evening on Friday, I went to a friends’. We had a couple of beers and talked about Atlanta, Palmer, a new job, the whole nine. It was nice catching up with her. She’s bald now so that took me by surprise. But she’s doing it for cancer awareness. Charlotte had leukemia when she was just 13; stuff like that changes you.

Saturday, I woke up early ready to help my mom with her garden. After all the hard work we put into it last fall, I was ready to see all the beautiful colors. I got to her house and was not disappointed by the landscape. I was, however, floored by her appearance. She looked a hot mess. I got there a little after 9am and she was just getting to bed; had pulled an all-nighter for work trying to get their program tested and running before today. Despite what people think, I do have a heart and so I took care of the puppies, fielded all her phone calls, rescheduled her appointments and cleaned the kitchen.

Around 2pm, I got restless so I went to the Franklin Covey store to buy stuff for my planner. Someone as unorganized as I am NEEDS a planner or else I forget important things like the Mary Kay party I had scheduled but had not managed to prepare for. I even had to call and cancel with the 4 people I apparently told about it at some point. (Ay carumba! Sometimes, I drive myself crazy!). But now, I have a real planner – cover and all – with stickers and task tabs, and budget guide and so I shouldn’t have any more excuses for forgetting. Unless, I forget to write in it which I probably will do.
(This is the binder I got although I really wanted the Giada -- champagne tastes... le sigh)

When I got back Mom was up so we went to Home Depot and picked up the rose bushes and other flowers she wanted to surround the front area. It looks good now but will be even lovelier once the roses bloom. Ethan called and talked to me only briefly before he spent more than 90 minutes on my cell phone with Mom. He says I’m a hater and shouldn’t be so jealous because its not like she’ll love me less but I said he shouldn’t encroach on my time with Mom especially when I’m footing the bill for it.

********* SPOILER ALERT **********

Finally, Mom and I went to see a movie. It was “Why Did I Get Married Too?” I’ll be honest. I didn’t want to see it. I’m not big on black films. I feel like they are a misrepresentation of our culture. But Mom was paying so why not? Because it sucked that’s why not. Pat should not get to be happy at the end after the bullshit she pulls. I’d be just as upset if it were a man in her position. Angela is ridiculous – even more so than last time. Sheila is weak and a pain in the ass. She tells off her husband but still falls prey to the man that beat her physically and emotionally for so many years. I don’t care if he is dying, she shouldn’t have been in his house (which is where her husband found her). I was livid. I was like, “I hope that son of a bitch dies on a bus and no one notices all day”.

********** I’M DONE RANTING NOW **********

Mom was full of energy at 2am so we cooked. Well, she cooked. I passed out in my underwear on her couch.

We went to the 8am service at her church. I tried to love Jesus but all I could do was groan and try to keep from falling asleep. After that I hoofed it home to take care of the pets. No accidents, thankfully. Spent some QT with them and then headed to Mrs. G’s place where she gave me THE BEST BOOK EVER! I haven’t even read it yet, but it is the story of the fabulous Grace Kelly so by default its gonna be fantastic.

And I went on a date last night. He is not even worth mentioning so please don't ask.

Oh! And my mom is getting a blog because she thinks mine is cool (ha!). She also told me that I should steer it away from being journalistic to being more witty and snarky because I'm good at both of those things. God, love her for trying.

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