Monday, March 1, 2010

Geek Like Me

It's here! My pin arrived on Friday and I was so excited to wear it. Now, the picture sucks because I've had the same phone since 2005 and refuse to upgrade or renew my agreement. You'll have to refer to this post if you want to know what it actually looks like. But I'm wearing it with pride people. You know you wish you were me. =)

On the dating front, I got an email from a new match*. None of that getting to know you junk for him, just straight through to email. Let me tell you. This guy was Ballsy. He's from South Carolina and already has two kids. Which isn't a big deal to me provided they are between 2 and 7. (Don't ask - that's just my thing.) But his email didn't really say anything great. He did say that I sound interesting. I am. And modest too. And he said to message him back if I thought he was interesting. So, I did, but I asked some questions because his profile was kind of lacking and we didn't go through the many steps of Guided Communication. I'll let you know how this pans out.

*Henceforth known as EH2. As in, eHarmony 2 because he's the second guy I've mentioned to you.

Now, I did meet EH1** on Saturday. I felt like I was in an interview to be a fetal incubator. The idea that I want to have children sometime before I'm thirty seemed to put him off in a bad way. Like that was too vague for him because he wants them NOW. Like, right now. And can't understand why I would wait so long. I had to explain that I would have them before thirty if I found the right guy but I'm not going to say, "Hey. I want kids. And I'm ovulating. You in?" That'd be ridiculous, right? Let's just say that I laughed and he didn't. I'm really hoping that I don't see him again.

**Because he was mentioned first in this post here.

And I talked with Ethan again. He's still on hold but feeling a little better about it. He got propositioned on MySpace. By a dude. I laughed until it hurt. You would have to know Ethan to understand why it's so funny. He handled it pretty well I thought. But I had to get on him about being so damned pretty. I mean, he's 6'4" and 180 lbs. He shaves his pits and has some of the prettiest feet you've ever seen. (If you get to see them, he won't go around barefoot for fear of developing callouses.) I've been telling him for years to bulk up. Basically he let the guy down easy and told him, very simply, that he doesn't feel the same and they can still be acquaintances but when he sees Ethan he "better talk with some bass in [his] voice". I 'bout died.

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