Tuesday, March 30, 2010

A Day With My Brother *UPDATED w/ Pics*

Ethan and our little cousin Noodle

Jason, Cam, Ethan, Theo, & Daddy

Sunday is family dinner day and it's always at Mom's house. This Sunday was extra special because I brought Ethan with me. One word: awesome.

A lot went on and I could spell it all out for you but I'm tired and so, you will get a bullet list. You're welcome.
  • Arrival and introductions. Hugs all around. He is shy.
  • Tour of the house. He is in awe of all the stuff that April and Rebecca have.
  • He is in awe that April and Rebecca don't have to keep their rooms immaculately clean.
  • He is given a task; learns how we earn our keep at Mom's house.
  • Mom has to explain that she's joking and he can eat regardless.
  • I show him pictures and notice that he is sad.
  • We do a project together and he's nervous because he's never built anything before.
  • We finish half of project before dinner.
  • He eats at table with most of family. I eat downstairs so I can watch UFC fight.
  • He never comes downstairs.
  • I go up and find him talking 100 miles an hour to Mom.
  • I stay for a few minutes and then go back downstairs.
  • I go up for dessert and he's still talking to Mom.
  • Mom comes downstairs, Ethan follows.
  • I watch Platinum Weddings and get excited.
  • He mocks my excitement and hand gestures.
  • Pillow fight started by me.
  • Pillow fight ended by his superior strength and possession of all pillows.
  • I advise of appropriate wedding attire and his role in my wedding.
  • He threatens to "crap on stage" or get "the BGs" aka "Bubble Gut" if forced to be an attendant.
  • I pout.
  • He does not concede.
  • I threaten and demand.
  • He does not concede.
  • I punch him in the gut.
  • I win.
  • I use the word bedazzle.
  • Ethan mocks me and makes the bedazzling motion for 2 minutes elaborating on all the colors he's going to add to my dress.
  • He takes Mom's side and agrees that I should have reception in back yard.
  • Then he takes my side after Mom leaves the room.
  • He jokes that he will raise his hand when they ask if anyone protests the marriage.
  • I turn several shades of purple.
  • He's just kidding.
  • He says he won't dance with me.
  • I tell him I'll kill him if he doesn't get on board.
  • He changes subject to kids.
  • I tell him my baby names.
  • He mocks my boy name.
  • I give threatening look.
  • He lets it go.
  • We go and find Mom.
  • Take our first pictures together since he's been here.
  • He almost drags me down.
  • I whine because it looks like I have 3 chins.
  • Ethan and I leave so Mom can get sleep.
  • We watch two movies together that I've never seen so I can "step [my] game up"
  • I find that I actually enjoy "Stomp the Yard"
  • He is proud that he could teach me something.
  • He turns on his iPod.
  • I laugh hysterically because R Kelly declares that he "wants to toss your salad!"
  • We sing loudly and off key.
  • Birds chirp so I take him to his aunts house.
  • He tells me to date more black men because my body is built for them.
  • I hug him and try not to cry.
  • He tells me that he loves me too.

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