Friday, March 19, 2010

The Battle of the Smells

I am out of candles.

This is an important revelation because I sell candles to make extra money and I am out of candles.

I am out of candles because I am fighting a war, ladies. I'm sure you're all familiar with this battle. It is the Battle of Man Smells.

Everything for men is just so effing strong!

Body wash, body lotion, after shave, cologne. All of it is just so strong.

When I wash, I wash with a skin-softening, yogurt and honey blend that gives my skin a slight shimmer and a light perfume. Then I spritz on a nice perfume and voila! I am delicately fragranced for my day.

Not so with man smells. And my poor little apartment is as overpowering as a Yankee Candle. I've been burning day and night, home and away, fruity and musky fragrances and I'm still losing.

I wouldn't complain if it was something awesome that I had to inhale all day like any of the Axe fragrances but it's not. Instead, I'm getting Vaseline for Men and Suave and some other store brands. Ick!

My nasal passages are in revolt!

So, today while Dad and Cam are visiting D's dad, I'm going to scrub the guest bath because, at this point, I'd rather smell Comet and Clorox than whatever it is that they are washing with.

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