Monday, March 8, 2010

Chats with a Roomie

28 called me yesterday...

Wait! I think it's time we gave him a real name. Not that I use the real name of anyone I know on this blog. That's right. I use fake names, if only because none of them have given me permission to post about them on my blog. Anyways, we're going to give him a name and it will be Palmer. I love the name Palmer. And I particularly like it as a "last name first name". You know, like Smith. Or Harrison.

Back to the story.

Palmer called me yesterday. He called me to say, "Did you find a job yet?" and I had to remind him that I will find a job even if it's at the CVS by the house. That's right ya'll. I google mapped that sucka! To make it short, we had a long discussion about how he shouldn't worry because I will find something. There's a mall filled with shops and restaurants.

During our conversation I got hungry and set my little heart on some french toast. Mmmmm... So I said, "Don't you wish I was living there right now so you could have french toast, too?".
Palmer: "You would cook for me?"
Me: "I'm not gonna play like your girlfriend or homemaking bitch but, if I'm having french toast and you want french toast then it's just as easy to make some for you because I'm already cooking."
Palmer: "I like that you'll cook for me."
Me: "Wow."

This is gonna be rough

I had forgotten how hard it is to live with boys/guys/men. It's been awhile. But I'm rediscovering, already, how they only hear "key words". You know? Like, cook, clean, and the like.

We talked about pets again. He laughed when I told him about my guinea pig. And we decided that there will be a cat-free zone (also, known as the spaces I rent) and a dog-free zone (known as the upstairs excluding the spaces I rent).

And he doesn't currently pay for trash pick up. I know! I know! That's what I said! How is it that you don't wanna pay the $13 a month to have them come and get your garbage? But he doesn't. Instead he puts it in his car and takes it to work and puts it in their dumpster. Whatever. As long as he takes it out and the house doesn't smell like road kill.

Folks, I'm getting super excited. Mom and I are going down there the first week of June to take a look around and so she can put her stamp on it. I'm really amped. It's all happening for real.

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