Monday, March 15, 2010

The Woman She Cant Bee

D called me. She asked for a favor. You see, I don't owe her any favors. None. My dad married her and not my mom. But to put it in her own words, "Anything that belongs to your dad belongs to me too. And you belong to him so...". I didn't bother to tell her that I'm a grown woman that belongs to no one. I figured all of that was beside the point because this bitch MUST be crazy.

She wants... *deep breath*

She wants me to take my brothers, her siblings and their children to go see her father. You know that man she met just three months ago. I just don't understand it. This is something that she really really wants (according to her) but she can't get the rest of them to understand it and to want the same thing. So she's asking me to plead her case and maybe... when we're out... just detour to his side of town and stop by... you know, ambush the whole god damned family.

But the thing is, he's not my family and I dont consider her my family and I dont give a shit if none of them ever see the poor piece of shit bastard. Because the really fucked up part is that even though D is 46 years old and is just meeting this old coot, he lives 8 minutes from the house she grew up in, literally. At least my dad was out fighting wars and being dragged around the globe, ya know?

I know Ethan's not going. He'll probably set me on fire just for bringing it up. *more sighing*

And it's not over. D wants me to go to Lawton, OK to visit her. Because she never had any daughters and would love to do all that girl stuff she missed out on like getting our hair and nails done, mall walking, we might even go to Dallas! *feign excitement*

I don't want to hang out with D. I don't want to know D. I have a mom. She hasn't always been the greatest but she's mine. I just don't understand how I became the official liason for that family. They all have my phone number now and are expecting me at "family gatherings". They want me to call when Ethan gets here because they know he wont make the effort. They want me to come around more often. They want me to replace D as their only connection to dad, Ethan, and Cam. And all I wanna do is live life the way I did before - without them.

Alright peeps! That's all I've got in me today. I'm kinda tired and I lost a container of blackberries. It's driving me nucking futs. But I will be back on here soon and when I do come back I'm going to tell you about the official Atlanta convo with my parents and how they double teamed me and have decided that my foot is not down but just hovering slightly.

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