Monday, March 1, 2010


I have none. Instead, I am sitting at my desk calculating how hard I'll have to work the rest of the week to make up for today (which equals FAIL, by the way). I was going to tell you all how I've gained back all but .8 pounds.

Yup, I'm sitting here at a pleasingly plump 235. But I'm ok with it for two reasons. One, I don't have the money to eat better. I've been cramming my face full of cheap food for weeks now. I mean, bags of Chex Mix because they were only $1 at the store. And anything free I can get from my Mom's freezer. Two, I'm so much closer to being out of debt it's not even funny. I'm down to three cards with balances. Discover will be paid off on March 12 to the tune of $414.70. Is it crazy? Yes. Stupid? Quite possibly. Freeing? Absolutely.

Sometimes, I wonder what to do to make myself better and I made the mistake of saying this to my Dad. What he said to me was, "Just be thankful". And I was all, "For what?" [sarcastic tone]. And he said, "For everything".

I won't bore you with a tangent on how my life could be worst with homelessness and lonliness. But I will share that I often forget how truly lucky I am. I won't make a pledge to be more grateful because I don't have it in me to fail at something right now. However, if you feel inspired to pledge... well, then I actually achieved something today.

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