Saturday, March 6, 2010

Weekend Plans

I'm going to tell you about all of the awesome things I have planned for this weekend. As you may or may not already know that my dad is coming to visit and when he does arrive he will be staying with me. Yaaaaaaayyyyy! FAIL.

My dad, God love him, is prior military. And I have been resisting the siren call of disciplined living since I was conceived. For instance, my bathroom currently has, on its floor, used cotton swabs that the dogs "rescued" from the bin, hair, dust, dog hair, and some other random items like bobby pins and hair ties. On my dad's bathroom floor is tile, pristine and clean. I remember going into his bathroom when he was changing apartments and whispering "Wow." You wanna guess what he said? "Yeah, I gotta clean it before we leave". WHAAAAA? His bathroom was cleaner at that moment than mine was on the day I moved in to any apartment.

All that aside, my house smells rank and dank and filled with stank. I can hardly wait until this we get in to the high 40s. I'm opening the windows and letting the sunshine in. Aaaaahhhh!!

Back to reality!

I'll be cleaning everything. Including my room. *long, high-pitched wail*. I can't let my dad see my house like this! Especially my room. He would probably spank me. Or worse, offer to help me clean it.

Plus, I have to go my mom's and do laundry. Can you believe it's been a month? And I'm out of frozen fruits and veggies. And rice. Her deep freezer is calling out to me.

So, where last weekend I got down with my bad self and watched the Olympic hockey team lose to Canada, I'll be knee deep in cleaning products, my poor hands rubbed raw from all the chemicals. =(

Feel bad for me yet?

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