Wednesday, March 17, 2010

The Rotator

When you say 'rotator', most people think of that muscle in the back/shoulder area: the rotator cuff. But when you say rotator to someone in the military, they get a knowing and slightly horrified look on their face. Everyone of them at some point has been on a rotator.

For those that don't know, a rotator is a military flight that transports troops from one destination to another. And they are bitches to be on. Rotators are horribly uncomfortable, probably don't have seatbelts and leave at the most inconvenient times. Like this Friday.

Ethan's been told that they will not pay for him to take a commercial flight and that if he wants to be on one he will have to pay for it himself. Now, please don't fool yourself into believing that there are special military discounts on commercial airlines. The most you will get is an upgrade.

Back to Ethan, he was supposed to be on the 3/6 rotator but you know how that went and then they told him he would leave today but on Japanese time (so our yesterday). However, that didn't happen so they are putting him on the next rotator, which leaves Friday... and won't get here until Saturday morning.

Ethan's so upset. So much so that if given the opportunity he'd take his frustrations out on an ex-boyfriend of mine... or three.

He's frustrated because the whole family is gathered in Ohio just to see him and he's the only one not here. We'll have to squeeze an entire week's worth of family fun time into two days. Everyone's going home on Sunday or Monday except for me but that's because I live here. I do have to go back to work though. And he'll be sitting in my apartment with no cable, no internet, and no vehicle until the end of the month.

That boy is a true soldier.

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