Thursday, March 25, 2010

My Brother the Alarm Clock

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It is an approximation of Ethan's outlook on life. He is, in essence, so hood. He didn't go into the military because of his love for country. And it definitely wasn't in support of the war. He went in because he was terrible at school and refused to live at home anymore.

Welcome to the Army.

I always thought that maybe, just maybe, it would change him. Do the things my father didn't do, like teach him how to be a man. I was not wrong.

Last night, I was exhausted. Work took a lot from me and then there was the drive across town to pick him and Cam up. Cleaning happened. (Especially in their bathroom, I can't explain what some of that stuff looked like but it had to go).

Oddly enough, I am a night owl. I could stay awake for days if properly stimulated. But last night, I dozed off in the living room. Ethan told me to go to bed. Twice. I dragged myself to my room and he asked if I already had my alarm set. I told him its on my phone and he could just come get me when it went off. That was my first mistake.

Thursday, March 25
5:30 am: *POUND, POUND, POUND*
Ethan: J-Bird! Get Up! It's 5:30 and your alarm is going off.

Me (to my ears): Ok, gruuuummmmblllee mummblee, get out my room.
Me (to Ethan's ears): Ok, I'll get up in half an hour.

6:14am: *POUND, POUND, POUND* creeeeeaaaaakkkkyyyyy swing. CRASH!!
Ethan: Jenifer! Get Up! It's 6:14.
Me(shooting straight up): What!! What is it! Is something wrong?
Ethan: Only that you said you'd be up in half an hour and it's been forty-five minutes. I'm just saying.

He's lucky that he's 6'4", 250 pounds and around 2% body fat. Otherwise, a fight would've broken out this morning around 6:16. I'm just saying.

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