Wednesday, March 31, 2010

London Was Calling...

Until Ethan picked up the phone.

We're in my living room and he tells me that after he's done in Korea he's going to PCS to London. London, people!!

I get ecstatic, put my biggest OMG-I-can't-believe-this-is-really-happening smile on and say, "Can I go with you?". To which he replies, "Yeah, as long as you have your passport".

I give him the biggest squeeze I can (I'm kinda weak because I haven't been to the gym in months) and I can't stop beaming. That was two weeks ago.

Fast forward to last night when I tell him that I told Mom and Dad that I'm going to London with him. He gives me the confused face and is all, "I thought you were going to Atlanta?"

Me: I am.

Ethan: So, why are you moving to London?

Me: Because you're there and you said I could.

Ethan: But I thought Atlanta was permanent?

Me: No.

Ethan: So, why move all your stuff if it's not permanent?

Me: Where the hell else am I supposed to put it if I don't bring it with?

Ethan: But what about when I visit? I wanna come visit just you in Atlanta. I be hittin' on all your bad friends. Your friends are always fine! And you won't help but have black friends in Atlanta. I'm trying to come and get some of that.

This is where I relent. We are talking about the man that I'm hoping will gift my children their college educations or fun-filled family vacations or something else crazy that I want them to have and may not be able to afford.

I went into how it's my dream to live in Spain and London's just a temporary stop. How I've always wanted to live in Europe but was afraid to go alone. How great it would be if my big little brother - who would be getting free housing - would let me stay there for awhile. Not forever, just until I found a job and could get my own flat.

After all that, you know what he said? "Just as long as I don't hear you f*cking some dude. Walls are thin."

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