Friday, March 12, 2010

Missing Pieces

I am a rule follower.

It's what I do. And I'm damn good at it.

I don't make exceptions and I don't make excuses; for myself or anyone else.

So when I'm told that I didn't do something right I am always confused. Because I followed the rules. Your rules.

What I had to explain to my boss this morning (even after 5 years of working here) is that if you want me to make an exception for someone that you think is super awesome and above the rules that you made then you need to make a rule that usurps your original rule. Otherwise? He's screwed.

And EH4 stiiiiillll hasn't emailed me. I feel like I'm walking through the Romance Sahara and he was an icey glass of water in an oasis. I feel like I should have parents that are still madly in love and not just amicably co-existing on this planet. I feel like I should have left out the part about bug squishing being a requirement. I feel like I slept with him on the first date because I was overwhelmed by passion even though all the rules were saying I shouldn't. I feel like... crying.

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